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I started guitar lessons with Dave last October, and he's a great teacher.

At first I was hesitant at the thought of learning over the internet but it only took one lesson to realise this is fun and I'm learning lots.

I started learning guitar about 6 years ago and progress has been very slow and painful. Programming those open chord shapes into my old brain down to my fingers has been a real struggle. But  with perseverance and Daves encouragement, things are clicking into place easier.

I love to play along with Dave & his breadth of musical tastes is astonishing. He has pushed me into playing riffs for the first time ever, who'd have thought it!

Pete H 62

I started DMC guitar lessons about 5 month ago. I was a beginner to guitar and found the lessons to be friendly, supportive and a lot of fun. 

I love the video tutorials which are sent after each lesson as I can go through them at my leisure.

DMC also provide sheet music which has proven such a bonus.
My guitar experience has really improved as a result of meeting DMC.


Richard G  64

I started as a complete beginner and his teaching style and approach gets you playing simple recognisable tunes quickly which boosts your confidence and hooks you into wanting to learn more. He covers all music styles in a friendly atmosphere at a pace that suits you. A great guy I would highly recommend him.

Brian R  63

I have been having online lessons with Dave for over 12 months now! Very friendly, enthusiastic teacher and will adapt learning to suit any style of music! He has guided and encouraged me to write me own music, something I always thought was unachievable! Its had a massive impact on my life. Great teacher!

Sara Hatton 26

Very good guitar teacher, introduced me to jazz. Easily incorporated theory into every lesson, helping me understand everything he taught me during lessons. Learnt lots from Dave.

Very friendly and kind. Top guy.

James Lowe 19

As a singer in a band for a number of years I have always wanted to be able to play guitar and have purchased several guitars over the years but never found a method that gives me the desire and enthusiasm to keep going and achieve my guitar if goals until now !
(DMC) David consistently keeps me engaged and makes every lesson really enjoyable and at the same time keeps you wanting to get your hands on your guitar through the week allowing progress to happen naturally ! The follow up of PDFs to practice at home along with the instruction videos available anytime using YouTube is so clear and helps to make the whole experience so positive!
The online Zoom lesson is fun and zero pressure 
If you are serious about playing guitar at any level you won’t get a better learning experience than DMC.


I have been learning online with DMC guitar tuition for around 2 months and I'm absolutely loving the lessons!

It's fun, laid back and easy to follow.

I've noticed a difference in my playing already since having weekly lessons 

I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn guitar 

Sarah Webb 26

Having searched and watched a number of YouTube instructional videos, I took time to contact Dave at DMC.

I have never looked back since.

The ongoing help and support has been amazing. 

Helping me build more confidence to try and push myself to do different things on the guitar.


Thanks to Daves teaching, my guitar collection has grown as has my ability to play more.

Scott Bryson  48

Been with Dave for around 3 months and slowly making progress. I look forward to every single lesson and always pick up something.

Everything is done at a pace that is so relaxed and not pressured. Had my guitar parked in a corner and picked it up now and again and watched you tube videos but now I pick it up everyday, sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for a lot longer but it gets picked up everyday. Dave also answers any questions between lessons if you send him an email and will also put a lesson together if there's a certain song you want to learn.

Great teacher and looking forward to being taught more.


Ian, Yorkshire.  54  

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