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Welcome to DMC Guitar Tuition.

My name is David McNamara. I’m a fully qualified teacher and have been a professional musician for over 20 years

For the past few years I have been successfully transferred my guitar teaching from face-to-face to online. I use technology and interactive tools to create a fun, productive guitar learning experience that caters for every type of student. Guitar lessons are fully prepared so there is no wasted time. I am very passionate about optimising my students learning and I like to create an encouraging environment

I offer guitar lesson for all levels. I also run a guitar theory group which is held fortnightly. It’s open to all my students and it helps to link theory to your playing in a practical way.

I create my own sheets music that is design to be simple and easy to follow. Making the music visually easy to understand helps speed up the learning process. I also create videos that relate to the lessons. All this information is emailed to students after every lesson.

 I also run a private online community for active students where they posts clips daily. All participants give constructive feedback, support and motivation to assist students on their guitar journey.


I offer very reasonable rates which you don’t have to commit to until you have received your first opening offer which is always FREE


If you fill out the contact form I will respond to you and arrange a quick video chat to book in your first FREE lesson!!!

Take your time to look at my site. Read the testimonials from other students and check out my videos




Thanks for submitting!

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